ITT Pilot

Initial training for history teachers: structures and standards in 13 member states of the Council of Europe

Running time: 2000-2002

Project partners: Council of Europe, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, The Czech Republik, Estonia, France, Hungary, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, The Russian Federation, Spain, United Kingdom

This pilot study is the first comparative study on the structures of initial training for history teachers to be carried out in several European countries. The aim of the study is to provide information that will raise the level of professionalism not only of history teaching, but also of teacher training.

The key questions adressed in this study contain amongst others the impact of accelerated cultural change on teacher training, the need for meta-reflection on the structures of initial teacher training (ITT) and the relationship between theory and practice in university-based teacher education.

The project group produced a comparative study published in printed version, but you can also download it here.