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Vrije Universiteit Brussel,

Pleinlaan 2,

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Curriculum Vitae

Werner Goegebeur is Doctor in History and Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He also worked as a secondary school teacher for many years. He headed the Commission charged with designing the Final Goals for History in high school education in the Flemish Community, and the Commission which outlined the Basic Competencies for Classical Studies. From 1990 until 1997 he was head of the Interfaculty Teacher Training Department of the VUB, and in 2001 he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

In 1991 he presided over the Commission which drew up a system of academic accreditation for the Flemish Community. From 1996 till 2000 he was head of the Education Commission of the Flemish Inter-University Council which designed the draft text for innovations in teaching and the use of ICT in the Flemish academic world. At the same time, he also headed the Flemish Education Council’s Secondary Education Deliberation Platform. In addition, he serves on the advisory board of the NWO.

His publications address subjects including ethnicity and multiculturalism in Greek Antiquity, subject-teaching methodology for History, the teacher training curriculum, and the problem of transition from secondary to higher education.


Publications (excerpt)

Werner GOEGEBEUR, Sabina COLPAERT, Lies KLERKX, Raf DE KEYSER, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the historian's workshop: reflecting upon yesterday in relation with the world today, in: Informations. International society for history didactics, 21, 2000/2, pp. 130-140.

Werner GOEGEBEUR, Herlinda VAN LOOY, 'Seeing the Other' and the Historical Attitude of Flemish Adolescents. Perception of the Present, Questioning the Past, Formulating Perspectives: A Number of Research Findings, in: Comparare, Comparative European History Review, september 2001, pp. 105-124.


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