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Andrea PETŐ

Central European University

Nador utca 9,

1051 Budapest,


Email: petoand(-at-)



Curriculum Vitae

Dr habil. Andrea PETŐ, an associate professor at University of Miskolc, where she directs the Equal Opportunity and Gender Studies Center, assistant professor at the Department of Gender Studies at the Central European University, Hungary and a visiting professor at ELTE Ethnic and Minority Studies, Budapest. She is also serving as a consultant for educational project for the Open Society Institute (NY) and active in history teacher training in the field of 20th century history and gender history.



Her first monograph: Nõhistóriák. A politizáló magyar nõk története (1945-1951) was published in Budapest in 1998 by Seneca and in English by Columbia University Press/East European Monographs as Women in Hungarian Politics 1945-1951 in 2003. She wrote the biography of Rajk Júlia (Balassi, Budapest, 2001) in the series "Feminism and History", she is editing. Her new monograph is exploring gender and conservatism: Napasszonyok és Holdkisasszonyok. A mai magyar konzervatív női politizálás alaktana, (Women of Sun and Girls of Moon. Morphology of Contemporary Hungarian Women Doing Politics) Budapest, Balassi, 2003. She is also the author of numerous articles in English, Russian, German, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and French.

She edited six volumes in Hungarian, seven volumes in English, two in Russian and she serves on the board of several journals in the field of women's history (Gender and History, Clio, Visuoemene, Kultúra. Straipsniu rinktine) and as an associate editor of Feminist Europe. The Review of Books.

Presently she is working on gender and conservatism with the support of Bolyai Research Grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2002-2005).



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