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Structures and Standards of Initial Training for History Teachers in Europe

This study will provide a basis for the discussion on structures and standards of initial training for history teachers. It involves experts from different European countries including the new member states of the European Union. All of them have been working on a questionnaire which helps to investigate crucial data about


- training institutions, teacher trainers, students,


- the content of curricula, the professional profiles,


- forms of academic, subject didactic and practical training,


- job opportunities and the reputation of the job.


The results will be disseminated in the framework of the Council of Europe, EUROCLIO, and by a new eJournal of history didactics.


Resulting recommendations go to international organisations in education, to ministries of education and to teacher training institutions.


As a by-product the study aims at developing a network of persons in charge of educational management as well as teacher trainers who in future will participate in establishing adequate European standards in initial training for history teachers.




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